Photodynamic therapy triggered by spectral scanner CT: an efficient tool for cancer treatment





Philips Medical Systems Technologies, Ltd., Israel (PMSTL), is part of PHILIPS, and is a leading developer and vendor of the full range of medical imaging systems in common use around the world. Its commercial offering includes state of the art computerized tomography x-ray imaging systems (CT), considered one of the most important developments in recent medical history. PMSTL has pioneered in the R&D and manufacturing of CT, as well as of advanced X-Ray detection systems for CT throughout its history and is now developing key photon-counting detection technologies that will permit the next revolution and advancement within CT.

PMSTL R&D and advanced development teams have a history of innovation including the world’s first multiple slice CT detector and more recently a unique and first Generation Spectral CT (product) based on Energy sensitive x-ray detectors. The former led to vastly reduced exam times and accelerated clinical uptake of the modality and the latter to improved material identification and quantification. The PMSTL Lab facilities include custom research stations to analyze the Physics and performance of new detector materials. The PMSTL Detection Center has an automated 650m2 process design and manufacturing clean room for complex X-ray and gamma-ray detection units, producing all ROYAL Philips CT and AMI products portfolio. A network of factory facilities and lab partners supply candidate materials and complementary processes for detector development. A successful R&D technology can be moved from lab to CT prototype for in situ testing using systems taken from the existing commercial CT production lines in the factory and proven procedures. These are the resources needed to develop the next generation and ultimate Photon Counting Spectral CT.

Dr. Yoad Yagil, Ph.D. (M), director, Photon counting Technologies, Global Advanced Technology, CT R&D, Philips Healthcare, Israel.

- Philips Healthcare, Haifa, from 2008, Senior manager CT Physics; CT Physics Architect

- Intel Corporation, Haifa, 1995-2008, senior principal engineer and group leader

- Cambridge University, UK, 1993-1995, post doc position, high temperature super conductors

- Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1988-1992, Ph.D. in solid state Physics   

- Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1984-1987, M.Sc. in solid state Physics

- Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 1983, B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science