Photodynamic therapy triggered by spectral scanner CT: an efficient tool for cancer treatment


Spectral Photon Counting CT (SPCCT) is a new and promising imaging modality based on a new energy resolving detector technology. 

Computed Tomography is the most widely used imaging method in the world and has transformed patient care. Spectral Photon Counting CT is a new imaging modality based on the usual CT concept with the key difference of energy resolving detector technology. The additional spectral information can be used for material separation and can deliver additional, new contrast with clinically relevant new information. The most important novel capability of Spectral CT is K-Edge imaging for selective and quantitative detection of specific elements including among others iodine, gold, bismuth, gadolinium or ytterbium. The full potential of Spectral CT can be exploited in combination with targeted contrast materials carrying a payload with a compatible K-edge.

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Inauguration Photographe

Spectral Photon Counting CT (SPCCT) protype located in Lyon (Eric Le Roux / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1)