Photodynamic therapy triggered by spectral scanner CT: an efficient tool for cancer treatment



According to Eurostat, cancer accounts for the second cause of death in Europe and represents a 25% share of the worldwide cancer burden, despite the fact that Europe represents only 9% of the world population. Numerous treatment strategies exist: surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but outcomes are not always successful. Furthermore, even if in some cases five-year survival post treatment can be encouraging, the conditions of life of the patients are deteriorated due to side effects of the therapies.

We are aiming at a breakthrough technology that will contribute to increase drastically patients five years survival and have significant positive impact on their quality of life. Such ambition will be reached thanks to a new future technology that will ensure the efficient treatment of cancer, even if radioresistant, with low side effects, allow to perform accurate diagnostic and give access to in situ monitoring of the treatment. The other ground-breaking aspect of this technology is the fact that everything will take place at the same time, with the same machine which will be much less stressful and disturbing for patients compared to other treatment. This technology will have a knock-on effect on European healthcare systems’s expenses associated to cancer treatment and post-treatment.

SCANnTREAT is the starting point of that ambition, it is based on the association of cutting-edge technologies: spectral photon counting scanner CT (SPCCT) which is a ground-breaking imaging modality and a new X-ray based treatment known as X-rays activated Photodynamic Therapy (X-PDT). The perfect match between these two technologies will be ensured with specifically designed probes acting both as contrast media and therapeutic agents

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